Quaffing – a scheme managers’ perspective


October 8, 2018

Craig Spencer - ICVA Member Director

The QAF (or Quaf) sounds a bit like something you might find in Harry Potter – but this tool for schemes and scheme managers will be a magical (!) way of ensuring consistency across the board, learning from other schemes and striving to the be the best scheme possible.

First thing to mention this is not a tool to punish or catch out schemes. The Quality Assurance Framework (much less catchy!) this will act as a framework to benchmark against other schemes and celebrate all the amazing work that schemes up and down the country are doing.

The next worry I felt as a scheme manager was – as usual – was time! However, the process is across the whole year and is not required to be done at all the same time. You can gather your evidence throughout the assessment period and with the helpful spreadsheet provided by ICVA be able to assess your progress against this (there is also a useful ‘How to’ document). All of this is on the forum for us to access as members.

As scheme managers we are required to provide evidence against the level we have aimed at (whether it be ‘Going for Gold’ or ‘Pressing for Platinum’) and if necessary produce a scheme manager report if not all the evidence is shown.

The process for me has already shown where I can improve my scheme and has provided real, tangible examples of where I can aim higher and ensure that we are an effective scheme. For example, I am currently in the process of developing a recruitment video to stick on our website to further entice volunteers from the City of London community.

Fellow peers will be assessing silver and gold schemes and ICVA assessing any platinum nominations building up to the QAF Awards next summer (something for us all to look forward to)!

As we all know if there are any further queries our wonderful ICVA colleagues will be able to help, but if you require any advice from a fellow scheme manager, I would be more than happy to help as a Member Director for ICVA – just drop me an email.

Good luck Quaffing!

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