Croydon – ICVA Statement


September 25, 2020

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ICVA is shocked and dismayed by the tragic news from Croydon custody this morning. We know too, that this event is likely to have an impact on scheme managers and independent custody visitors, both in London and nationally.

We will support schemes over the days and weeks ahead. We send our best wishes to all schemes, and particular, the scheme and volunteers in MOPAC.  Our official statement is below.

“ICVA was shocked and saddened to hear of the events in Croydon and the death of a police officer.  Our thoughts are with the officer’s family, colleagues and friends and all affected by the event.

Independent Custody Visitors (ICVs) perform an important role in custody and a number of ICVs will regularly visit the custody suite where this occurred.  Our thoughts are also with these staff and volunteers. We will work with scheme managers to support ICVs and schemes over the coming days and weeks.”

Martyn Underhill (Chair and PCC for Dorset) and Katie Kempen (Chief Executive) on behalf of the ICVA Board