Coronavirus – message from the Chief Executive


March 13, 2020

Chief Executive

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ICVA is conscious that Coronavirus presents a worry and challenge for those volunteering in police custody.

We encourage schemes to make best use of national websites that will help to guide and direct the UK response:

  • For the health basics – the NHS website provides you with an explanation of Coronavirus symptoms, when to get medical assistance and how to access it.
  • The uk website provides information on risk and government action.
  • Public Health England provides guidance for first responders and is a very detailed information page for those on the frontline.

ICVA is in contact with bodies such as the Home Office and NPCC.  We have provided guidance and updates to scheme managers and will continue to do so as they make local plans.  Scheme managers can contact ICVA with queries.

We ask that our volunteers follow national guidance on keeping well and stay in touch with your scheme managers to assist them.

We’d also like to share a huge thank you with our members and ICVs for your work.  You are a committed and impressive group of people who are a joy to work with.  We are proud to work with you and support you throughout this period.