Being an Appropriate Adult

ICV Resources Video

April 26, 2022

The video is designed for people who have been, or may be asked, asked by police to be an appropriate adult. It is aimed at:

    • family members
    • friends
    • and others who are being asked to be the appropriate adult because they are known to the person for whom an AA is required.

You can watch the video here. Please do feel free to share this with your networks and any one who might need to undertake the role of appropriate adult. ICVs are not able to be AA’s in most cases, but please do watch the video and refresh your knowledge of the role.

The project was a partnership between Dr Miranda Bevan and the National Appropriate Adult Network (NAAN).

Dr Bevan’s research focuses on vulnerable suspects and defendants, police custody, effective participation and unfitness to plead. Her leadership of this project was funded by the London School of Economics and the Economic and Social Research Council (part of UK Research and Innovation).

NAAN is a charity and membership organisation, and the national centre of expertise on the appropriate adult role. It is funded by the Home Office, charitable funders and its own income from membership, training and events. NAAN’s contribution to the project was led by Chief Executive Chris Bath, a member of the Home Office PACE Strategy Board.

You can see the videos of Dr Bevan presenting her work to ICVs on this page as well as a host of other information on children in police custody for ICVs as both training videos and the additional resources sections below.