We won an award!

I had the pleasure of spending the past two days at the NPCC Criminal Justice Conference, a superb event that challenged us all to increase confidence in the criminal justice system.  I had the even greater pleasure of being given a CJ Star award, as one of just four winners across the criminal justice portfolio this year.  How lovely. The police generally welcome ICVs, but I frequently hear that ICVs turn up at busy times (good) and that they pick up on niggles.  But here’s the thing: the niggles matter.  Cups of tea, staying warm, phonecalls to loved ones all […]

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A Blog By Natalie Hill, Independent Custody Visitor. – Getting changed in the bathroom after work. – Having a snack before you leave (you could be out a while!). – Getting home during the early hours of the morning. These are just a handful of things that a night out with your friends in your twenties can have in common with being an Independent Custody Visitor (ICV). However, there is one big difference – as an ICV, I am able to give back to my local community and make a difference to the lives of others! I am 26 years […]

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Spending time with a Custody Nurse

It’s been a little while since I have blogged, been a little while since I have been in custody too, so I was really pleased to have been invited along to Basingstoke Police Investigation Centre, (PIC), to shadow a shift of a Custody Nurse. I have shadowed Custody Sergeants, DDOs, the inspectorate and ICVs in custody, and so was really pleased to learn more about the healthcare a detainee can receive whilst in custody, and also to hang out in custody for a while. We at ICVA write a lot about how things in custody should or could be, and […]

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PUBLICATION OF NPM NINTH ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 The NPM’s Ninth Annual Report was published on 29 January 2019. It gives an overview of the inspection and monitoring findings of the NPM’s 21 member organisations, who work across all places of detention in the UK. The report highlights concerns about the safety of detainees and improper use of restraint on vulnerable detainees. The publication of the report comes ahead of the NPM’s 10th anniversary on 31 March 2019 and a year of scrutiny of the UK by the Committee against Torture in its periodic review of the UK followed by a visit from […]

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Why we do what we do

Independent custody visitors (ICVs) have a difficult job – they go into police custody to check on the rights, entitlements and wellbeing of detainees.  Their scheme managers, one in each police force area, use their reports to praise good work and to make change when they need to.  Making change is not easy, but this huge team of custody visitings and dedicated managers make improvements to police custody.  The least that we can do, as ICVA, is to highlight this. ICVs will speak to at least 5,000 detainees each quarter and these quarterly updates reflect their findings.  This is hugely […]

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ICV schemes prevent torture and ill treatment of detainees and deliver effective oversight of police custody in order to ensure a safe environment and deliver public reassurance.

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ICVA’s suite of training materials equips ICVs with in-depth knowledge of latest best practices required to fulfil their role - from interpersonal communication skills to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE).

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ICVA represents ICVs in the NPM, alongside Independent Custody Visitors Scotland and the Northern Ireland Policing Board Independent Custody Visiting Scheme.

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