Independent custody visiting delivers human rights in its purest form. Volunteers make unannounced visits to local custody suites where they meet detainees at all times throughout the day and night. Independent Custody Visitors (ICVs) speak to detainees and check their custody records without consideration of what detainees may be suspected of to ensure that their rights, entitlements and wellbeing are upheld. This is an excellent service. It speaks of British ideals of fairness and proper treatment of all. It’s made even more valuable that it is volunteers who give up their time to do so, ensuring that our state treats […]

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Walking the job – Gloucestershire and Derbyshire

Our blog has been quite quiet of late. It has been a very busy time for all matters custody with the Children’s Concordat, Mental Health Act Regulations and the launch of the Independent Review of Deaths and Serious Incidents in Police Custody. We have been expecting these changes and have been excited to release new training material and support to our schemes. If you haven’t already seen it, please take a look at Inspector Michael Brown’s video explaining changes to the Mental Health Act. Members, please log on to the members’ website to take a look around the new training […]

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Visiting suspected terrorist detainees

Introduction I hadn’t planned to write this blog now; I had intended to write one on the role of Independent Custody Visitors (ICVs). Visiting suspected terrorist detainees (also known as those detained under the Terrorism Act / TACT) is definitely part of this, but is specialist role and makes up a small proportion of our visits. However, recent awful events have overtaken and it seems like a good time to explain the role of ICVs after TACT arrests take place. Before that, I will begin by sending my best wishes to all of those affected by the Westminster attack that […]

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ICV schemes prevent torture and ill treatment of detainees and deliver effective oversight of police custody in order to ensure a safe environment and deliver public reassurance.

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ICVA’s suite of training materials equips ICVs with in-depth knowledge of latest best practices required to fulfil their role - from interpersonal communication skills to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE).

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ICVA represents ICVs in the NPM, alongside Independent Custody Visitors Scotland and the Northern Ireland Policing Board Independent Custody Visiting Scheme.

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