Visiting Suspected Terrorist Detainees

ICVA have launched a new consultation process

Terrorist detainees are persons who have been arrested on suspicion of being persons who are or have been concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism or have been arrested for statutory offences as detailed in the Terrorism Act (for example fundraising or directing terrorism)

Throughout the United Kingdom, ICVs have visited suspected terrorist detainees for many years with Northern Ireland and London having the most detainees. However these locations have now been supplemented with the establishment of regional detention facilities in Greater Manchester, West Midlands and West Yorkshire, and a facility for Scotland. This establishment now means that a uniform process must be rolled out across the UK that will enable visits to all of those held in police detention. The revised Codes of Practice now include guidance for police and crime commissioners / Scottish Police Authority to recruit a diverse, experienced and reliable pool of ICVs across the UK and for ICVA to develop a training package.”

  • Raise public awareness on the rights , entitlements, health and wellbeing of people held in police custody
  • Advise on best practice for independent custody visiting schemes nationally
  • Provide training, publicity and support to Police and Crime Commissioners and ICVs.