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Following a review of ICVA commissioned by the Home Office and supported by the then APA, there were a number of governance recommendations including a proposal to change the status of ICVA into a company limited by guarantee. Changes were made to the governance of the association, including regional representation from the then police authority regional areas and changes to the constitution and ways of operating were introduced. 

Work has been on-going, supported by the Home Office for ICVA to change its status further to a company limited by guarantee but in the light of changes from police authorities to Police & Crime Commissioners (PCCs)  this was put on hold pending their introduction.

The changes became effective with effect from 31st July 2013 and ICVA changed, from an unincorporated organisation to a company limited by guarantee.  The main benefits are to the membership whose liability will be reduced to a token amount.  It also means that ICVA could attract other work as a company, which in the long term will enable ICVA to provide improved, and more services to Commissioners at no extra cost.  

The Directors will be responsible for setting the direction of the company. This will assist ICVA in looking at the strategic priorities and development of the company. The new arrangements will also provide ICVA with stability and with an opportunity to fully engage with PCCs as they deliver their statutory obligations. 

The current Management Board is:

  • Peter Beaman - North West
  • Hannah Watson - Eastern
  • Kevan Downer – Northern Ireland
  • Nicola Hall – South East
  • David Hudson – West Midlands
  • Liz Kelly – East Midlands
  • Scott Duffy - North East  
  • Bryan Mc Fadyen – Scotland
  • Natasha Plummer – London
  • Elaine Shinkfield - Yorkshire & Humberside
  • Martyn Underhill – South West
  • Stephen Wood – Wales

In Attendance: -

  • Anna Jarratt – Executive Assistant.
  • Katie Kempen  – Chief Executive


Katie Kempen is the new Chief Executive of the Independent Custody Visiting Association (ICVA).

Katie has a strong record of delivering projects within the public sector.  She has joined ICVA from a senior management role responsible for leading change in the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey.   During Katie’s time in Surrey, she led the development of a framework for victims’ services on behalf of Police and Crime Commissioners across England and Wales.  Katie also oversaw commissioning of specialist support to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence in Surrey.

Katie’s previous role had been working with Surrey Police Authority from 2008, during which time she ran the Surrey ICV Scheme, until the appointment of the current Scheme Manager.   Her roles within the Authority and the OPCC have seen her managing the communication function for the Authority including media engagement and the use of social media.   She has developed, led and monitored various strategies, which include partnership and community engagement.  Katie’s work also increased the capacity and capability of local voluntary organisations, overseeing reviews of their services and commissioning infrastructure and training allowing the organisations to professionalise and grow to increasing demand for their services.  Previous to her work in policing, Katie worked in local government, notably in community engagement and social research roles.