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Viewing ICVA updates

  1. New ICV Training

    May 2013

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    ICVA has developed new training on visiting vulnerable detainees, with a suite of new materials including DVDs and Student Workbooks. Modules include training on visiting, Juvenile detainees and those with Mental Health issues. All modules are designed to better equip ICVs for visits to vulnerable detainees.

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  2. Welcome!

    April 2013

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    In April 2013 the former 8 police services in Scotland and their joint boards/authorities became the Scottish Police Authority. ICVA would like to thank the former administrators who assisted the early developments of independent custody visiting in Scotland and welcome the new Scottish Police Authority into membership of the association. A warm welcome back into the fold is also extended to Merseyside.

  3. Change of Status

    April 2013

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    ICVA is in the process of a change of status to a company limited by guarantee and a new management board is currently discussing articles, members and regulations – watch this space for updates.

  4. ICVA Annual Report 2012

    March 2013

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    Please click here to view ICVA’s Annual Report, bringing you up to date with developments in the organisation over the past year.

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  5. Working together to protect the public

    June 2012

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    In 2011 the Home Office launched a consultation on revised draft PACE Codes of Practice concerning detention and arrest and a new Code of Practice issued under Schedule 8 to the Terrorism Act 2000 and section 25 of the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 for interview video recording with sound in terrorism cases.

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  6. Care Not Custody

    January 2012

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    In June 2008, the WI passed a resolution calling for an end to the inappropriate detention of people with mental health problems. 24 senior representatives of organisations who work with people with mental health needs have signed a letter urging the State to keep its Care Not Custody promise: to avoid using prison healthcare as a catch-all for people who would be better cared for outside the criminal justice system.

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