Scottish Annual Conference

January 2009

ICVA’s Scottish Annual Conference was kindly hosted by the Northern Joint Police Board at the Highland Council Headquarters, Inverness in November 2008 and chaired by the Convener, Mr Norman Macleod.

Following a civic reception hosted by the Provost (Mayor) of Inverness and the Inverness City Committee, in the Town House, Inverness, the conference was well attended by almost 100 delegates, including guest speakers, representatives from all Scottish police and crime commissioners and/or police forces, the Northern Ireland Policing Board and ICVA’s executive committee.

The Association has commissioned the production of a new training DVD, extracts of which were shown at the annual conference on 1st November.

At the time, the Chief Executive informed delegates that the focus for initial training would now move to a modular core competency based programme. He showed delegates the existing skills, knowledge and attitudes, included in the current training materials and invited them to contribute, via their police authority in establishing the development of the new training programme.