Leicestershire Police Custody Report

January 2010

The Chief Inspectors of Prisons and Constabulary have published the report of a joint inspection of police custody suites in Leicestershire, as part of the regular programme of police custody inspections.

The Chief Inspectors, Dame Anne Owers and Denis O’Connor, said:

“This inspection has identified much good practice, but also some areas of concern, a number of which are common across other forces that we have visited. We hope that by reinforcing good practice and pointing to areas for improvement, senior officers and the Police and Crime Commissioners will be helped to make further progress.”

Please click here to view the report in full.


An official welcome to two new members of ICVA’s executive committee who we were delighted to have join us in December: James Tate, representing the Metropolitan Police and Crime Commissioners and City of London; and Malcolm King, representing the South East – Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Thames Valley.