Annual Conference Presentations

November 2014

Thank you to all those who attended this year's annual conference - look out for a full report in the upcoming edition of Visiting Times.

In the meantime, key presentations are available to download below (Minister's address to follow) - please click on the name of each presentation you would like to view.


Custody in the West Midlands

Chief Inspector Eddy Johnston

West Midlands Police


The Tides of Change

Mr Martyn Underhill

Police & Crime Commissioner for Dorset


Protecting Vulnerable People in Police Custody – Thematic Inspection

Ms. Heather Hurford

Lead Inspector

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary


Ministerial Address (to follow)

 Rt. Hon. Lynne Featherstone M P

Minister of State for Crime Prevention


Inquiry into Non- Natural Deaths in Detention of Adults with Mental Health Conditions

Ms Catherine May

Inquiry Head


Dorset Mental Health Triage Service

Mr Stan Sadler

Team Lead & Mental Health Practitioner


Applying Psychological Theories of Suicide to Suicide Prevention

Professor Siobhan O'Neill
Professor of Mental Health Sciences
Psychology Research Institute

University of Ulster