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  1. Police Custody Reports

    February 2010

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    The Chief Inspectors of H.M Inspectorate of Prisons and H.M Inspectorate of Constabulary published inspection reports of police custody in Wiltshire, Cumbria and Warwickshire.

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  2. Leicestershire Police Custody Report

    January 2010

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    The Chief Inspectors of Prisons and Constabulary have published the report of a joint inspection of police custody suites in Leicestershire, as part of the regular programme of police custody inspections.

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  3. VT now online

    September 2009

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    Visiting Times Autumn Winter ’09 is now available – our first edition to be distributed electronically. VT can be downloaded here at, or forwarded as a pdf file by scheme administrators. The new format provides authorities with a more modern method of viewing the publication, which is also good for the environment.

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  4. MET get mobile

    August 2009

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    The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has launched an innovative pilot Mobile Processing Unit (MPU), developed by the MPS Transport Operational Command Unit, in conjunction with Transport for London.

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  5. ICVA Annual Conference 2009

    June 2009

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    The latest issue of our Visiting Times newsletter has now been published. Stay up to date with ICVA’s plans for 2009, the Inspection of Police Custody and a report on S136 Mental Health Act. Enjoy the read and feel free to contact us with any suggestions or story ideas for the next issue.

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  6. Forthcoming events

    May 2009

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    Eastern Region - Regional Conference 4th July, Scotland - Scotland conference, 11th & 12th September, Wales - Wales Conference 10th October 2009, East Midlands Region - Regional Conference 3rd October, Midlands Region - Regional Conference 26th September.

  7. New Appointments (Feb 2009)

    February 2009

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    An official welcome to ICVA’s new chair, David Wood. A long standing member of the executive committee and former vice chair, David is the current lead member for Custody and Race & Diversity at Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioners and has been a Suffolk County Councilor since 2000.

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  8. Scottish Annual Conference

    January 2009

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    ICVA’s Scottish Annual Conference was kindly hosted by the Northern Joint Police Board at the Highland Council Headquarters, Inverness in November 2008 and chaired by the Convener, Mr Norman Macleod.

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  9. Annual Conference 2007

    November 2007

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    ICVA’s 2007 annual conference took place at Alton Towers Conference Centre on Saturday 17 November, kindly hosted by Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioners and chaired by Mrs Christina Jebb.

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