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  1. ICVA Annual Conference 2009

    June 2009

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    The latest issue of our Visiting Times newsletter has now been published. Stay up to date with ICVA’s plans for 2009, the Inspection of Police Custody and a report on S136 Mental Health Act. Enjoy the read and feel free to contact us with any suggestions or story ideas for the next issue.

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  2. Forthcoming events

    May 2009

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    Eastern Region - Regional Conference 4th July, Scotland - Scotland conference, 11th & 12th September, Wales - Wales Conference 10th October 2009, East Midlands Region - Regional Conference 3rd October, Midlands Region - Regional Conference 26th September.

  3. New Appointments (Feb 2009)

    February 2009

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    An official welcome to ICVA’s new chair, David Wood. A long standing member of the executive committee and former vice chair, David is the current lead member for Custody and Race & Diversity at Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioners and has been a Suffolk County Councilor since 2000.

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  4. Scottish Annual Conference

    January 2009

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    ICVA’s Scottish Annual Conference was kindly hosted by the Northern Joint Police Board at the Highland Council Headquarters, Inverness in November 2008 and chaired by the Convener, Mr Norman Macleod.

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  5. Annual Conference 2007

    November 2007

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    ICVA’s 2007 annual conference took place at Alton Towers Conference Centre on Saturday 17 November, kindly hosted by Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioners and chaired by Mrs Christina Jebb.

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  6. Lincolnshire ICVs Talk Back

    August 2006

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    Click here to access the views of Lincolnshire ICVs on the pros and cons of independent custody visiting in their area.


    July 2006


    by Dinah Gallop

    An interesting experiment in Southwark has proved it is possible to provide cost effective and acceptable conditions for detainees held in police custody awaiting deportation or transfer to a detention centre. A joint report on the experiment from Southwark ICV Chair Avril Jones and Southwark custody managers recently went to the MPA.

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  8. The Justice Awards 2006

    June 2006

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    Scheme administrators and independent custody visitors are invited to submit nominations for the Justice Awards 2006, designed to recognise the outstanding contributions among all those working or volunteering in the criminal justice system.

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  9. Code of Practice for the Detention of Terrorist Suspects

    May 2006

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    You may be aware that during the passage of the recent Terrorism Act 2006, the Home Secretary made a commitment to produce a Code of Practice to govern the detention of individuals arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000. This was connected with the provision to extend the maximum length of pre-charge detention in such circumstances, from 14, to 28 days.

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  10. Speaking your language

    April 2006

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    The Notice of Rights and Entitlements is now available in 44 different languages. Produced by the Home Office, the Law Society and Criminal Defence Service, this invaluable information is available in both print and audio format. More information can be found here.

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